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News October 6, 2016

Malicious Damage or Accidental Damage?

Decent insurance policy is paramount. Ensuring a property with a policy cover that provides the landlord with peace-of-mind can save avoidable present and future disappointments.

News September 30, 2016

Up to 25% off for residential and unoccupied property owners

Up to 25% off for residential property owners and unoccupied residential property, as long as the risk has been claim free for 5 years we can provide a massive 25% off.

News September 13, 2016

SSP Pure can we help?

A lot of the agents that use SSP Pure Broking, some 40% of the broking market (according to SSP) have been left in the dark when a power outage caused an HP Storage Area Network (SAN) in the company's Solihull-based datacentre to malfunction.

News March 24, 2016

Commercial Property Owners

Did you know U-Sure can write Commercial Property Owners Insurance? No? Well we wouldn't blame you, that is because we have never really shouted about it.

News March 11, 2016

Hybrids Risk Appetite

One month in since the launch of Hybrid and we are delighted to confirm the tremendous success of this never before seen product in the UK.

News November 20, 2015

Withdrawal from the liability and Commercial Combined Market

U-Sure will be withdrawing from the Liability in isolation and Commercial Combined market from 31st January 2016.

News October 27, 2015

U-Sure become members of the MGAA

We are delight to announce that we have become members of the Managing General Agents Association

News October 16, 2015

Sanction Checks - The onus is on us!

The Legal requirement to check Sanctions on every transaction is not a new thing.

News October 16, 2015

Increase in IPT to 9.5%

With effect from the 1st November 2015 IPT will increase to 9.5%. 

News May 12, 2015

DSS landlord/tenant risks re-rated

Your DSS clients are now able to benefit from lower premiums thanks to a change in our policies. 

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